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Go slap your mom in the face

“What?? No!”


Do you even have grandparents

“They…died on both sides…well—all three sides, I guess I should say..” He rubbed his arm and looked away sadly.

The secrets of Axium Labs; askdannyjamesfenton

"it was a survey on the internet as a pop-up ad." He replied, snark full in his tone. "Maybe you guys should be less shady."

"If you’re using them as organ donors, why not just make the organs? And it may not be me, but the idea of having strangers pick apart a living creature… Clone or not; is kind of gross." Danny gave another look, eyeing the chains on his clone.

"It’s my DNA. I have the right to know. Tell me what you’re going to do with it. And you still didn’t tell me how you acquired Fenton genetics. What. Do you carry samples from everyone in town or something?"

“All apart of seeing the reactions of the bodies when we test medications on them. We could be on the next level to possibly curing cancer, here!” He laughed heartily.

“It’s all important medical science! But—as I have stated, I cannot tell you where we obtained the DNA exactly. I could and would be fired. They have monitors on all of us. But the pay for the job is excellent!”

The secrets of Axium Labs; askdannyjamesfenton

Danny paused and listened to the explanation. He didn’t mean for it to end up like that. He only took the stupid survey so he could watch a movie online. He figured they never counted for anything anyway but how wrong he was. But the last part. The last part chilled him. Of course cloning would result in examining DNA.

"Look this is all a mistake!" He finally spoke back up, gesturing for the man to stop and explain more. "How did you get my DNA? And what are these ‘sponsors’? What do they want with a clone?" He gave a sigh, trying to calm himself.

"Look I’m sure this is all just one big mistake so uh… You can just dump… Uh… Ferrand?" He gave a look back to his clone, finally labeling it with name. "I’m sorry for the trouble but… I don’t think it’s a good idea to spread clones of me especially with my uh… ‘Condition’. I’m sure you guys can just… Drop it and start over elsewhere, right?"

“As of now, they’re mostly being used simply for research. We’re testing them out. They could be helping save lives by donating perfect matching organs, or seeing what makes someone ‘tick’—particularly those with mental disorders. But in your case, if you’d rather not have him at your disposal, we’ll most likely see what just makes you tick without actually using you as a a subject, but rather your clone.” A smug grin laid on his lips.

“But sometimes they become like children and rebellious, so we have to bend them a bit to our will.” He chuckled lowly, meanwhile Ferrand’s hands were clenching while still being held by his restraints.

“And back to your DNA—” He continued, still smiling, “—Due to my position, and the current policies, I cannot disclose that information. And you only have this one clone, so don’t worry about it being spread. And you should be reading that fine print, Young Man…”

The secrets of Axium Labs; askdannyjamesfenton




This clone —no, slave— only recently found out of his origins and when he saw the identical, he stared with narrowed blue eyes of what seemed to be jealousy and rage. 

A rigid, bulky man behind him had him restrained by the wrists, one hand placed firmly atop his shoulder as he looked at his sponsor with a proud grin. “I hope you are pleased with the result of the cloning, Mr. Fenton.”

Ferand 3 Halfa —Though once he heard his ‘original’ was called Danny, he much liked that better— stood firm and with a stone-cold gaze beating into the other’s. He had to get free. Somehow. He had to think of a way to escape and get rid of the real Danny so he was no longer kept like a slave!

"Pleased? I…" He didn’t mean to be caught. And hell. He was confused. He didn’t remember doing anything that resulted in cloning. His parents had money but it was never flashed around like how most of the A-listers did. But here this guy was talking to him. As if waiting for him, with his look-alike.

He gave another look at his clone. He didn’t look happy one bit. This made Danny very uncomfortable. Great. I start off confused now I have my own face pissed at me for only God knows what. He thought.

The best plan, Danny decided; was to just roll with it.

"I uh…" He spoke back up, uncertainty in his voice. "I am pleased. Uh… Do I take him? I’m sorry I’m… Unfamiliar with the process."

“Oh, soon enough, he’ll be readily at your hand; he’s not quite stable right now and we have to do some…behavioral tampering—with him before we hand him over to you. Ferand will be shown along with the other clones of our top sponsors. We appreciate you responding to our online survey about dogs and reading the fine print of allowing us to clone you.” He leaned a bit closer and whispered, “And don’t worry—we won’t share any details of you or of your clone that you have half the DNA formed with ectoplasm.”

The man pulled the clone back, who finally turned his glare away from his ‘original’ and stared off towards the clones’ cafeteria before being led away by the man. He gave Danny one lost nod with a smile and tugged at Ferand’s restraints to keep him moving along.



    “High school is for losers.

          “You…don’t go to high school? Well—you do look like you’re in about eighth grade, anyway. And not to be rude, but…why is your skin green?”








what if you were stuck with whoever/whatever your icon was for the rest of your life





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Yandere Sentence Memes (Part 2)


  • "Are you going to beg?"
  • "That was not a suggestion…”
  • "Can’t you see I’m only trying to protect you?"
  • "There, that should keep you quiet."
  • "If I can’t have you, no one can."
  • "If I see you talking to anyone else, I’ll kill them."
  • "You’re so lovely with that terrified expression…”
  • "Why do you look so scared? I only wanted to play…
  • "You’re already falling asleep, don’t fight it…"
  • "This leash is such a flattering color on you…"
  • "I’ll break your legs so you don’t run away."
  • "You were with someone else, I know it!"
  • "You don’t want me to gag you, do you?"
  • "Doesn’t our love being forbidden make it even more romantic?"
  • "You make cute expressions when you’re asleep and all alone…"
  • "I’ve always been there for you even when you didn’t realize it."
  • "Forget a big wedding, who needs to know?"
  • "I prefer you to be mine, all mine."
  • "I wonder how your scream sounds…"
  • "That’s not good enough, I want to own you completely…”
  • "No one will love you like I do."
  • "How is my love so terrible?"
  • "I’ve held back for too long…"
  • "Tell me you love me… tell me you need me…”
  • "I want to feel you from the inside…"
  • "You can beg better than that…"
  • "Shhh, it’s okay baby. I won’t hurt you…"
  • "I love it when you’re feisty…” 
  • "This can just be some funny story we’ll tell our children someday."
  • "So silly of you to change your number; you should’ve known I’d find it."
  • "I’m sorry about that. You know how crazy you make me, darling."
  • No, please don’t make me…”
  • "I’d rather die."
  • "You might have me but you’ll never own me completely…"
  • "What do you want with me?"
  • "Please, I won’t tell anyone, please…"
  • "How could you!"
  • "Leave me alone."
  • "Don’t touch me."
  • "I trusted you…"
  • "Stop, please…”
  • "Help! Someone help me!"
  • "So you killed my friends?!"
  • "You promised you’d never hurt me…"
  • "Will you let me out this once? I’ll behave, I promise!"
  • "How can you say we’re meant to be?"
  • "Oh my god! You’re insane!"
  • "A restraining order is what you’ll get!"
  • "What’s going on? Where am I?"
  • "W-wait, can’t we talk about this?!"
  • "I never said I hated you, so please. Please stop this!”
  • "You’re starting to scare me…"
  • "I’ll never love you."
  • "But I’m with someone else."
  • "He/She’ll save me, you’ll see…"
  • "N-no, not there!"
  • "Why are you being so demanding, you don’t own me!"
  • "Stop, I can’t take it!"
  • "W-why can’t I move?"
  • "I’ll do what you say, please don’t hurt him/her!"
  • "…you wouldn’t dare."
  • "I’m sorry, I’m so s-sorry…"