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Hi! I'm Danny Fenton, or, you probably know me better as Danny Phantom. Yeah; I'm the well-known ‘ghost boy’ of this town (and Savior of the Ghost Zone). Just feel free to ask me stuff and talk to me like any normal person!
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M!A's: Accepted
M!A status: Danny is now a baby for a week, about one year old, learning to walk and talk. Until Friday at 12:49 AM
Post-Phantom Planet, mostly. Only Amity Park knows of his halfa existence.
Muse’s Age: 16-varies
Muse’s Birthday: October 2nd
Multi-ship and multi-verse
Mun is 18+]
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//Danny is buying one for his puppy Rose. ._.

//Danny is buying one for his puppy Rose. ._.

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Send me “Spider hug” for my muse’s reaction of yours wrapping their arms and legs around them.







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I ripped my pants.”


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Yeeaah Names Rigby, you? ”

“I’m Danny. It’s nice to meetcha!”

"He tries to keep happy, and is willing to put aside his own happiness for those he cares most about. But he struggles, sometimes, and when things don't turn out how he wants them to, he tends to come up 'worst case scenarios' and ends up worrying himself more. I feel he pushes himself too hard, but he's as strong-headed as they come. But he's really a good kid." [2/2]


A ✍


          “Uh, Dude?      How can you speak without a mouth?
     Hellllooo? Do you even have eyes under those shades?
     How are you wearing them; I don’t see the hook things—
     you don’t even have ears! Can you even hear me, Bro??”


Off to bed; nighty~ ♥

Send me “No Escape” for my muse’s reaction to yours trapping them between their arms.

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