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"Hmph, well, I will let him know you said so." Vlad huffed with mirth. "I’m driving him to school today. Goodbye," The man replied formally as Danny opened the door and carefully adjusted his backpack straps over his shoulders.

"Later," Valerie replied, hanging up and tucking her phone away. She picked up the pace, given that she still had a ways to walk yet, sighing and muttering under her breath. Why Danny was so determined to come to classes today, she didn’t know, but she’d just have to keep an eye out as best she could.

Before long she reached the school, glancing around to see if Vlad had dropped Danny off yet. They had first period together, so she figured she might as well get a head start on keeping an eye on him, particularly to help him avoid any of the jocks if at all possible.

Danny headed off to the car before Vlad could speak a word to him.

Once they were both ready and starting to head out and onto the road, he broke the silence. “Honestly, I’m not sure what came over you that you decide you want to attend school today. You’re clearly still hurt, more than you say you are,”

"Well…I don’t know.. I’m tired of missing assignments and I want to get out for a while. Even—ss! Ah, even if I’m a little sore..”

"A little?"

Danny stayed silent after that, crossing his arms.

Vlad pulled up beside the school’s entrance and let Danny out. “No ghost fighting! Valerie is my watcher today.”

Danny tiredly glared but gave a brief, understanding nod.

"Be careful, Danny. I’ll see you after school." Vlad drove away as Danny turned and started walking towards the stairs.

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Living the Venusian Life



Danny massaged around her hip, gently gripped the hem of her skirt, and tugged on it slowly. “Mmm…Why bother with talking anymore?” He rasped.

Janus grinned as the man began tugging her skirt down, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I like the way you think, Danny,” she told him. “Now, if I’m correct, you have a… unique way of getting our clothes off faster?”

Danny blinked before a smirk lit up his whole face.

"You mean…" His hands gripped her skirt tighter and suddenly, moved it with the article of clothing as it passed right through Janus’s flesh and was just as rapidly flung off of her body completely. "..this?" He voiced lowly, raising an eyebrow.




"Alright, I’ll go in and swap your bears back! But if he hasn’t seen anything, I’m not apologizing!” The boy walked over to the jock’s front door and phased into his house, making sure to keep invisible from that point on, after he and his sister made the trek down there.


It was likely the best she was going to get out of him. Despite how much Danny had grown, he was still a teenage boy- she shouldn’t have been all that surprised at his attitude.

"Well at least it’s something.” She sighed, raising an eyebrow as she leaned against the old tree at the edge of the sidewalk while her brother disappeared through the front door. -Alright so it was possible that some of her frustration stemmed from Bearbert’s absence but wasn’t she allowed at least one indulgence?


"Hm—! Now, did I leave her bear on his bed? Or…Aha!" Still invisible, Danny held up the pink teddy bear he had been holding in his right hand before he switched it back with Bearbert, Jazz’s beloved stuffed animal, which was lying against the jock’s pillow.

The half-ghost rolled his eyes and turned back around, silently heading back to the front door of the house. He phased through and turned visible again once outside, shoving Jazz’s childhood toy to her chest. “Happy now?”

Every Which Way | Danny



"Yikes! They look like trouble. Is that guy blue?" Danny scrutinized over the two on-screen photos that were presented side-by-side.


He detected the fact that the young woman in the picture seemed a pale-ish green in comparison. Note-worthy and a tell-tale sign of being a ghost, perhaps? Her outfit had taken a similar appearance to that of a jumpsuit, to add insult to injury.

"Er—Sorry, but, no, I haven’t seen them before…" He came back to the conversation and looked Kim in the eyes.

 “Yeah. It’s a long story,” Kim said, forgetting momentarily that blue and green skin tones were unusual to the everyday public. It was weird being in a place where Drakken and Shego weren’t as well-known. Heck, it was a little odd she hadn’t been recognized, either. It was also a bit of a relief.

Kim nodded, stashing the Kimmunicator back in her pocket. “It’s alright. Just be careful if you do. Shego – the female, that is – is highly dangerous.” She took a moment to make eye contact with Danny, her head tilted slightly to the side.

“Have you been to Circus Gothica before?” she asked, figuring there could be, at the very least, a possible lead about the staff.


"Unfortunately, yes. The ringmaster’s a thief; the last I’ve heard, he was in prison. I didn’t even think a felon like that could get his job back so easily."

The boy turned the gears in his head and focused his thoughts on the two that the girl was looking for. “I’m guessing you’re undercover or something and you’re trying to track down these people. Maybe I can help,” He offered, giving her a look that read he wasn’t going to be persuaded to back off readily.

//Maybe there are other boys in the school with Danny’s similar hair style (like this kid) and face structure (or we’ll go with looks in general) that makes it easier for Fenton and Phantom to look like two different people/beings to those who don’t know the truth about him.

//Maybe there are other boys in the school with Danny’s similar hair style (like this kid) and face structure (or we’ll go with looks in general) that makes it easier for Fenton and Phantom to look like two different people/beings to those who don’t know the truth about him.

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