“Being brave doesn’t mean you have no fear. Being brave is going into the battle ᴅᴇsᴩɪᴛᴇ the fear.”
Hi! I'm Danny Fenton, or, you probably know me better as Danny Phantom. Yeah; I'm the well-known ‘ghost boy’ of this town (and Savior of the Ghost Zone). Just feel free to ask me stuff and talk to me like any normal person!
[Indie ask/RP blog
M!A's: Accepted
M!A status: Danny is now a baby for a week, about one year old, learning to walk and talk. Until Friday at 12:49 AM
Post-Phantom Planet, mostly. Only Amity Park knows of his halfa existence.
Muse’s Age: 16-varies
Muse’s Birthday: October 2nd
Multi-ship and multi-verse
Mun is 18+]
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